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Dining Room Essentials

There are a variety of cookware and accessories needed to make a dining room complete. Whether looking for bakery displays that customers can access with ease or warmers and serving dishes to keep entrees hot and ready for the buffet, there are many options to choose from. Ashtrays, baskets, bowls, storage cubes and buffet trays, racks and risers also enable dining rooms to provide a complete array of food choices for any restaurant, diner or coffee shop. To ensure a complete setup, explore beverage dispensers, drip trays and other drink-related accessories that contribute to a clean, customer-friendly environment.  

Bar and Glassware Necessities

Whether scooping ice into a mixed beverage, stocking a bar with bottles of wine or juicing fruits for fresh ingredients, bar supplies is essential. Strainers, stirring spoons, shakers, funnels, reusable wine bottle corks and other kitchen supplies are ideal for whipping up alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, while trays, mats, glass washers and dispensers encourage a clean, polished workstation. In addition to ice scoops and storage racks, pouring tools and corkscrews provide additional convenience, while wine glasses, shot glasses, goblets and other forms of glassware equip visitors with the kitchenware they need to enjoy their experience. 

Food and Beverage Must-Haves

Condiments, syrups and sauces allow individuals to customize their restaurant or café experience, while a variety of teas, smoothies and other specialty foods and beverages ensure that they can find just the right meal, snack or thirst-quencher. To ensure that all of these materials are easily accessible, racks and pumps allow for a quick squirt of ketchup or bottle pump of honey.

Equipment for Preparation

Kitchen and food service equipment covers a wide range of appliances and accessories, including toasters, blenders, scales, slicers, heat lamps, microwave ovens and other tools to cook and prepare. For restaurants and companies looking to bring their presence into a sporting event or local event, concession tools make it easy to bring food and drink services on-the-go.

Finishing Touches for the Table

Weddings, receptions, celebratory parties and other special events call for a finished tabletop. Whether looking for table cardholders to direct guests to their seat or for platters to keep appetizers and desserts within reach, there are a variety of tabletop accessories to choose from when looking for a professional arrangement. 


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