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A department listing and top product listing for Johnson Diversey. JohnsonDiversey – Consumer Branded Professional Products is the marriage of the Drackett Professional division of S.C. Johnson Commercial Markets and DiverseyLever Professional Brands. It wasn''t until 1923 and the introduction of Philip and son H.R Drackett''s invention, DRANO®, that the company moved into consumer products. The addition of WINDEX®, VANiSH®, MR. MUSCLE®, and others solidified Drackett''s position as a consumer products supplier. The Drackett Company was purchased by S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. of Racine, Wisconsin, in December 1992. Drackett was able to expand to include many of the powerful SC Johnson Wax brands including Pledge®, Raid® and Glade®. In January of 2002, Drackett signed an agreement with National Brands, Inc to become the exclusive institutional distributor of such products as Fantastik®, Scrubbing Bubbles® and Glass Plus®. Once again increasing the powerful offering of branded products that people know and trust. In May of 2002 SC Johnson Commercial Markets acquired DiverseyLever and changed the company name to JohnsonDiversey. The DiverseyLever Professional Brands Division mirrored Drackett’s business model taking strong branded products from UniLever like Wisk®, All®, Snuggle®, Dove® and Sunlight® into commercial markets. In November of 2002 JohnsonDiversey integrated the Drackett Professional division with the DiverseyLever Professional Brands group to form JohnsonDiversey Consumer Branded Professional Products – creating an unparalleled line-up of consumer branded professional products for commercial and institutional users.

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