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A department listing and top product listing for HON. The HON Company is the largest operating company of HNI Corporation (formerly HON INDUSTRIES), one of Fortune magazine''s most admired companies. The HON Company is the market leader in providing small- and medium-sized businesses with practical, professional office furnishings that deliver durability, comfort and improved workplace performance. The HON Company offers a full line of products through a nationwide network of dealers and retailers. The HON Company is one of the largest providers of practical, professional office furniture, and is committed to sustainable design, superior customer service and quality. The HON Company also is investing heavily in new products and line expansions to respond to the needs of the ever-evolving workplace. This year The HON Company will introduce new models across all product categories. Notable new products and expansions include the Alaris™ Work Chair with Lycra®-based Resilience™, Perpetual™ desk and seating system, Initiate® panel system and Valido® desking collection.

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