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Personal Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance within the workplace, ensuring that employees and guests can find confidence and trust with your company. In order to help protect workers from any injuries or inconveniences while on the job, there are a variety of personal safety items available. Clothing protection, ear protection, eye protection, foot protection, hand protection and head/face protection are all aspects to consider. Safety apparel includes sleeves, bibs, shirts, rainwear, pants and shorts, face covers and much more, adding protecting layers of clothing to the body. Earplugs and earmuffs are helpful when working with large pieces of machinery or within other loud work settings, helping prevent ear damage and discomfort. Safety goggles and glasses protect the eyes from splashes of chemicals and flying debris, while boots, shoes, footwear coverings, hand pads, hand warmers, gloves, helmets and hard hats are ideal for covering other areas of the body.

Specialized Safety and Security Items

Depending on the services that your company has to offer, employees are likely assigned to specific tasks each day, placing them in a position with consistent expectations. Specialized items for safety and security range from ergonomic protection for comfort to heat stress protection for keeping everyone cool. Within the collection of ergonomic protection, you will find wrist and arm supports, support gloves knee pads, elbow pads and back supports that provide customized options of comfort to each employee. Fall protection is offered with rescue systems, lanyards, ladder safety systems, harnesses and body belts, while fires can be prevented and handled with inspector kits and fire extinguishers. Also consider items for heat stress protection and respiratory protection, catering to employee safety with sweat bands, hydration packs, cooling vets, hydrating drinks, respirators, powered air systems and much more.

Safety Events

Large events, such as tradeshows, open houses and other heavily populated outings require extra safety precautions as more individuals step onto your company property. Spill control, traffic safety, locking devices and first aid safety products are all essential for maintaining a welcoming and safe environment for all.

Storage Solutions

With safety taking the lead in workplace importance, it’s important to ensure that items for safety and security can be located quickly and easily for whenever needed.  Explore options of safety storage with safety cans, safety storage cabinets, safety storage cases and safety storage lockers


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