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Managing Oilfield Liquids

Liquids at the oilfield can be hazardous, and are meant to be kept out of contact with skin and clothing. Gas, oils and other chemicals can be stirred, moved and handled safely with babin bilge pumps, chemical sticks and ladles. While babbit can be used to bring oils and other chemicals to the surface, ladles can draw liquids out. The assortment of chemical sticks are specifically designed for removing water from gas wells to boost productivity and keep track of what liquids are being handled within wells and drill sites.

Equipment Maneuverability

Large pieces of equipment can be difficult to maneuver, especially on rough worksites. There are a variety of tools available for controlling the movement of large machinery, such as oil drills. For example, roller chains are often found in oilfield machinery, transmitting mechanical power efficiently. Spinning and cathead chains provide durability for drilling, allowing drills to turn rapidly when screwed together.

Worksite Safety

Safety is key in all workplace environments, particularly on oilfield sites that have employees navigating around large oil wells and large pieces of machinery. Safety pins are a small yet powerful solution for anchoring items into place and ensuring that they don’t slip, shift or move. Whether looking for extra small safety pins, small safety pins or large safety pins, there are a variety of sizes to choose from to ensure a compatible fit. Coco mats and escape seats are also available, providing a safe and comfortable place to stand, as well as a place to sit when riding and landing.

Additional Accessories

Oil companies can find additional tools for other jobs within the large assortment of oilfield products. Spark plugs, sample bags, packing hooks, rig wash and crème beads and exhaust caps all serve a variety of different functions, ranging from soil testing to rig maintenance. 


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