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Specialized MRO Supplies

MRO supplies spans across a variety of workplace needs, including specialized tasks. Within the assortment of automotive maintenance products you will find battery chargers and starting systems, battery clamps, battery post cleaners and booster cables that keep company cars or employee vehicles running, even when the battery runs out. Fuel filters, funnels, oil drain products and measuring cans equip maintenance crews with tools for maintaining gas and oil, while hose benders, tire gauges and tire sealers cater to other automotive needs.

Covering Solutions

When maintenance tasks aren’t quite finished, it’s important to ensure that they are covered with protection from the elements or damage from visitors to the workplace. Covering products provide an array of protective solutions, including both plastic sheeting and tarps. Plastic sheeting includes clear polyester covers, floor runners and black plastic sheets, adding a thin yet durable covering. Tarps can provide more durability for long-lasting use with constructions made of laminate, polyester or canvas, depending on your workplace needs.

MRO Accessories

Tackle additional maintenance and repair tasks with fittings, fitting parts and fitting accessories. Fittings help secure items in place with shanks, couplers, house fittings, adapters, dust plugs and much more. Expand the convenience of your workplace fittings by also considering handles, gaskets washers, rings and pins, nuts, spuds and other compatible products that facilitate easy use and provide added fitting security.  Additional tools and pieces of equipment that can be used for maintenance and repair projects are tubing, valves and regulators. Copper tubing, gage glass and gage glass washers are all available within the collection of tubing products, and both valves and regulators can be found in a variety of sizes, materials and configurations to ensure a compatible fit within your workplace.

Maintenance and Repair Products

Maintenance and repair tools aren’t complete without the right parts. Ensure that you can tackle each repair project with the right equipment on hand by considering drill rods, keystocks and keystock sets, shims, shim sets and tool wraps.


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