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Measuring and Leveling in the Workplace

Installation and maintenance tasks within the workplace constantly require measuring and leveling. Whether hanging a large painting within a reception area or seeking to add a new piece of furniture to your office, a measuring tape and level can be extremely helpful for ensuring that everything contributes to a professional arrangement.

Tools for Measuring

There are a variety of measurements that might need to be made, ranging from small and large distances to angles and temperatures. Tape measures, squares, rulers, gauges, thermometers, protractors, micrometers and measuring wheels all provide simple measuring solutions for length, width, height, distance, degree and temperature. Tape measures are ideal for large measuring jobs, spanning across floors and walls, as well as large pieces of furniture and equipment. Squares and rulers are suited for smaller projects, providing accurate millimeter, centimeter and inch increments.

Uniform Measurements

Accurate measurements often need to be kept and remembered to apply to other materials or ensure that items provide a compatible fit. For example, radius markers are particularly helpful for keeping the radius of a circle, and micrometers are designed to measure small distances and thicknesses with a threaded screw. To keep track of distances from the ceiling to the floor with a straight vertical measurement, plumb bombs provide a weighted design that hangs straight down.

Leveling Equipment

Ensure that floors, barriers, picture frames, posters, floorboards and other items are installed evenly by utilizing levels. Levels, level parts and level accessories provide an accurate indication of when items need to be adjusted for an even setup.

Informational Displays

Instead of seeking to read small hash marks and lines, there are a variety of measurement displays that provide accurate information with a quick glance. Dial and digital indicators, indicator holders, finders and scanners, inspection mirrors and magnifiers help deliver at-a-glance recognition. 


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