Handling Materials within the Workplace

Handling materials can be difficult within the workplace, especially when moving heavy equipment, large pieces of machinery and hazardous substances. Ensure that you can handle any type of industrial and commercial materials by finding the right equipment, tools and accessories.

Securing Materials

Before moving any materials into a supply closet, among different rooms or onto a vehicle for transport, it’s important to ensure that items are secure to prevent slipping, sliding, shifting or spilling. Chain, cable, rope and other accessories can be used to tie carpeting, piping, tubes, cardboard rolls, pieces of furniture, boxes, bins and other items, securing them to one another or anchoring them in place. Depending on the size and weight of your materials, you can explore different rope thicknesses and chain lengths to ensure compatible use. For added security and for tending to fragile items, consider stretch wraps. Stretch film rolls dispense long lengths of thin plastic that can be wrapped repeatedly around items as a layer of protection and added stability.

Storage and Maneuverability

Rollers, arts and trucks are ideal for simplifying the transport of many items. Utility carts, platform trucks, tilt carts, truck wheels and pipe dollies are equipped with wheels and casters, providing shelves or large platforms to stack and load boxes, bins or other items for simple maneuverability. Wheeled carts prevent any unnecessary hassle, allowing users to push items back and forth without lifting and carrying. In addition to transport options, there are also a variety of storage solutions available. Truck boxes, storage sheds, storage containers, storage cabinets and liquid transfer tanks provide spacious areas for organization.

Lifting and Pulling Equipment

Vehicles, furniture, machinery and equipment often need to be pulled or lifted for transport and maintenance. Hoists and winches, jacks, lifts and hydraulics, stands and pumps are suitable for raising large items, while trailer hitches attach items easily to the back of a car or truck. Ensure that you can reach the top of large items with ease by investing in ladders, platforms and scaffolding


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