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Cooling Equipment

Workplace environments can easily become stuffy and humid, not only as the seasons change, but also as a large number of coworkers, guests and customers enter. Ensure that the atmosphere is cool and comfortable by stocking up on air cooling equipment. Fans are a simple way to encourage air circulation and add a light breeze with configurations that range from large rotating designs to small desk fans. For industrial settings, air blowers and air coolers provide convenience with large, powerful designs that can also be used to dry hard flooring and carpeting that has just been mopped, polished or shampooed. Customize your existing fans and blowers with fan accessories. Wall mounts and ceiling mounts ensure that your devices are installed securely in the most convenient locations, while wheeled fan mounts allow you to easily maneuver fans among different rooms and workspaces. For other cooling purposes, consider refrigeration regulators and charging hoses that prepare refrigerators and freezers to function at their best.

Maintaining Warmth

A cold office, breakroom or workstation can hinder employee performance and comfort. Ensure that each worker and guest is greeted with a warm, inviting atmosphere by exploring options of heating equipment. Convection heaters, forced air heaters, infrared heaters and radiant heaters all provide varying features that cater to both small and large areas. Forced air heaters can be repaired and maintained with heater hoses, power cords and heat tape available within the assortment of forced air heater accessories.

Equipment for Ventilation

Ventilation is important for ensuring comfort and safety within the workplace. Whether removing bothersome fumes or circulating air for a fresh breathing environment, ventilation equipment is helpful for moving air out of the workplace. Blowers and exhaust fans are available in many different sizes and configurations, ensuring a compatible fit within your ceiling, wall or other area of the workspace. Blower accessories provide additional convenience and safety ventilations designed specifically for manholes, manhole guardrails for safety and various sizes of ducting. 


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