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Maintenance Tools

Maintenance tasks occur throughout the entire workplace. Whether fixing a piece of equipment within the office, adjusting a breakroom cupboard, installing a decoration within the reception area or manicuring the outdoor space, maintenance is a central component to each workweek. Wrenches, screwdrivers and nut drivers, pliers and cutters, knives and multi-purpose tools, handsaws and sets, hammers, sledges, mallets and axes, chisels, putty knives and scrapers, files and splitters are just some of the hand tools available for industrial and commercial needs.

Attachment and Installation

Clamps and vises, wedges, staplers and riveters provide convenience by anchoring items into place. Sockets, ratchets, adaptors and extensions are particularly helpful for transforming and adapting tools for compatible use with your workplace projects.

Specialized Tools

Depending on what needs to be accomplished within the workplace and what services are being offered to guests and clients, there are a variety of specialized tools available that target specific functions. For example, dry wall tools, concrete and masonry tools, automotive tools, bending and flaring tools and lawn and garden tools are designed to deliver convenience for particular indoor and outdoor tasks.

Tool Sets

Industrial and commercial hand tools can be purchased in sets, supplying you with a variety of equipment and accessories that might be necessary. Pipe threading equipment, puller sets, handsaw sets, extractor sets and scribers, pin vises and pick sets all provide options that include everything you might need to tackle workplace maintenance.

Storage Solutions

Hand tools and accessories can be kept organized and easily accessible with tool storage solutions and hand tool organizers and belts. Tool belts, suspenders, tool aprons, tool bags, tool pouches, tool carts, tool chests, tool cabinets and tool boxes all provide different drawers, compartments and storage options for maximum convenience. 


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