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Chilling Foods and Beverages

When serving drinks and food to a large group of people, there are often some items that need to be kept cold. Water, soda, ice, salads, puddings and other drinks and treats should be chilled for serving cold, but refrigerators and freezers aren’t always accessible, especially during outdoor picnics or large company outings. Ensure that you’re prepared to offer an array of options by using coolers and chests. Water coolers provide thick, insulated storage with dispenser nozzles that fill cups quickly and easily. Large ice chests store bags of ice for submerging bottles and cans of drinks or for keeping cold foods chilled over a bed of ice. After finding the right coolers and chests, consider cooler and chest parts and accessories, including wire racks that hold coolers in place, cup dispensers that hold sleeves of cups, plastic spigots and pump spouts for convenient dispensing and much more.

Drink Accessories

For employees and guests to enjoy cold and hot beverages, drinkware is essential. Within the collection of cups and lids, you can find sleeves for snow cones, paper water cups, water bottles, paper coffee cups, foam cups and plastic lids that accommodate a straw. Cups contain liquids and keep them hot or cold for drinking, while lids help prevent spills and splashes.

Tableware Essentials

Complete any casual or professional table setting with not only plates and napkins, but cutlery and cutlery kits as well. Paper plates are simple to dispose of, eliminating the need to wash dishes, and are available in many different sizes for entrees and desserts. Whether looking for forks and spoons or a complete collection of forks, spoons, knifes and condiments, cutlery kits provide all of the essentials.

Food Storage

When it’s time to store leftover or provide guests with a way to take foods and desserts home, food totes and foils provide convenience. Foil can be used for cooking within the oven or on the grill, but also easily wraps around foods for safe storage. Food totes come in many different sizes with compatible lids preventing spills and keeping foods fresh. 


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