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Security within the Workplace

Safety isn’t only confined to gloves, protective eyewear, earplugs and other types of safety apparel, but also includes accessories that help bolt down and secure items. Fasteners, straps and clamps can all be used to attach pieces of equipment, hold down tools during transport and ensure that everything is anchored down securely.

Securing with Clamps

The assortment of clamping products ranges across a wide variety of equipment. Bands and clamps come in many different sizes, offering sturdy metal configurations that provide long-lasting use with stainless steel banding and high-tensile strapping as options that will stand strong without wear and tear. Bands that are coiled within handled totes are ideal for moving among the workplace with ease, and some designs are painted black, blending seamlessly into professional atmospheres.

Accessories for Strapping

Strapping products can be used for a multitude of purposes. Strapping secures items to a trailer or truck bed for safe transport, bundles items for compact storage and provides added security within the workplace. Look through all options of straps, tie hooks and clamps to find the equipment and accessories that deliver the most convenience for your securing needs.

Fastener Functionality

Fasteners can often provide more security than straps or clamps by securing items without any slipping, sliding or shifting during use. The most common type of fastener is a screw. Screws can be used for installation projects, to attach pieces of wood, metal and plastic together, for hanging items on walls and for many other uses, requiring only a manual screwdriver or electric drill. Small screws offer sturdy support without creating an eyesore with large hardware, but large screws can provide added security, anchoring large items into place with ease. Other types of fasteners include hitch pins, which function efficiently in items as large as trailers or as small as a hand tool. Explore all types of fastening products to find the right tools for your workplace needs. 


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