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Types of Lights Available

Lights are available in many different designs, ensuring that each area of the workplace is lit up and ready for use. Lighting is essential to providing employees with a productive workstation, enabling them to see computer screens, paperwork, machinery and other work-related projects. Whether looking for commercial lighting solutions that operate with fuses or for work lights that can be carried and pointed into hard-to-see areas, there are many convenient options available. Explore all work lights, as well as work light parts and accessories.

Lighting Accessories

Expand the function and compatibility of lighting within your workplace by stocking up on additional accessories. Ground fault interrupters and push button stations are just a couple of options to consider. Whether helping prevent damage from power surges or seeking to find an easy solution for turning lights on and off, expanding convenience is simple with the right equipment. Within the collection of switches, light switch covers can be found to decorate light switches and make it easy to find switches while contributing to a clean, professional environment.

Portable Lighting Solutions

Whether heading into a dim supply closet to find a piece of equipment, checking a leak underneath the breakroom sink, or crawling under a piece of machinery to assess an electrical issue, there are many situations that call for portable lighting solutions. Flashlights and lanterns offer simplicity, providing designs that can be carried and maneuvered with ease. Find batteries, bulbs, chargers and more within the assortment of flashlight and lantern accessories.

Power Sources

Grounded lighting can only function when connected to power. Connectors, cords, plugs and receptacles, power centers and power strips all deliver options of connectivity that power up different forms of lighting.

Emergency Options

Power outages, electrical malfunctions and other unexpected disasters can send the workplace into darkness. Ensure that each individual can make their way around the room and find emergency equipment by selecting emergency lights. Emergency lights are battery operated, ensuring that they can always function properly, and generators are available for powering up other devices when power is cut off.  


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