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Cleaning Products

One important role of chemicals within the workplace is to clean tough stains and marks from a variety of surface to ensure a pristine and professional-looking workspace. Grease can be extremely difficult to remove, both in kitchens and shop or garage environments. Invest in a spray can of degreaser, which can be easily applied and wiped away, removing bothersome streaks and smears. Other powerful cleaners include lens cleaners and glass cleaners that leave behind a sparkling surface, bathroom cleaners that eliminate germs and leave behind a fresh scent, and paint removers that are ideal for outdoor vandalism. Explore all options of cleaning products to find the formulas that best tackle janitorial tasks within your workplace.

Weed and Pest Control

Weeds, insects and other pests can easily hinder professionalism. Add insect and weed control products to your collection of janitorial supply, finding weed killers, insecticides and insect repellents to prevent pesky weeds and bugs from affecting the indoor and outdoor spaces of the workplace.

Maintenance Tools

Water damage can quickly cause a large amount of destruction within the workplace. Detect and attend to any leaks by utilizing leak detectors and penetrants. Leak detectors are available in convenient spray bottles, ensuring a quick and simple application. Furthermore, there are also lubricants and penetrants. Lube grease, bearing grease, grease for parts, penetrating oils and other formulas keep parts, equipment and other workplace tools functioning as efficiently as possible.

Painting Solutions

A single layer of paint can transform an office, breakroom, piece of furniture or workstation. Whether looking to create a subtle, professional atmosphere with light gray and white shades, or adding a pop of color with bold red and yellow colors, there are a variety of spray paints and buckets of paint to choose from. Lead-free paint, fluorescent paint, marking sprays all deliver an array of options. Paintbrushes, paint rollers and other applicators are also available within the assortment of paint and paint supplies.  


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