Varying Types of Adhesives

Adhesives can be used for many different projects. Whether sealing baseboards to a wall, attaching papers to a bulletin board or gluing and taping pages together, adhesive products serve a variety of purposes. Spray adhesives and mist adhesives cover large surfaces in a small amount of time, while other tools, such as hot glue guns, are ideal for detailed application. Hot glue guns reach high temperatures, melting hot glue sticks to use as a sticky adhesive that dries and hardens. Despite the strength of spray adhesives and hot glue, construction projects require even more strength. Construction adhesives come in many different colors to ensure seamless application on woods, metals and other materials without standing out.

Tools for Adhesion

After finding the perfect adhesive products for your workplace projects, explore tools for adhesion. Applicators come in different shapes and sizes, ensuring that you can apply adhesives accurately within tight spaces. In addition to applicators, mixing tools help provide a simple and safe way to mix solvents and other chemicals. For large projects that require a variety of tools and adhesives, select kits. Concrete repair kits supply you with everything needed to repair cracks, chips and digs within sidewalls, floors and other concrete areas.

Sealant Solutions

Strong adhesives can also be used for sealing purposes. Sealants line bathroom equipment, such as sinks, showers and toilets, helping prevent water from leaking through cracks and crevices. However, sealants are also used along baseboards, for window installation, and other areas, keeping water and air from seeping through. Whether looking for indoor sealants, outdoor sealants, or for a unique color to blend with your floors, walls and equipment, the collection of sealing products is filled with a variety of compatible options.

Tape Adhesives

Providing one of the simplest methods of application, tape adhesives suit a variety of workplace needs. Sealant tapes provide heavy-duty support for sealing projects, and can be applied by simply peeling and sticking. Select electrical tape for holding wires together or opt for tape products that can be used right at your desk as office supplies


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