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Heavy-Duty Abrasives

Abrasives serve many different functions, ranging from light sanding and polishing to cutting and grinding. Within the collection of bonded abrasives, there are a variety of heavy-duty solutions for abrasion. Bonded abrasives can be often found in wheel constructions, equipping large pieces of machinery with a method for cutting and grinding touch materials. With many different sizes to choose from, you can find the resin-bonded abrasives that deliver a compatible fit with your existing machinery. Once equipped with the proper abrasion tool, you can then consider bonded abrasive parts and accessories, including sharpening oils, roll holders, backing pads, bench wheels and mounting parts.

Coated Abrasives and Accessories

Aside from the thick, sturdy construction of bonded abrasives, coated abrasives also offer convenience within the workplace. One of the most popular examples is sandpaper. Sandpaper provides one side that is rough for sanding, cutting, polishing and stripping, while the opposite side is often constructed of paper for a smooth handhold. Coated abrasives are designed with paper, fabric, metal or rubber on one side that can be used as a place of contact for a safe handhold, attachment to a sanding block or mounting to equipment. Coated belt abrasives, coated disc abrasives, coated flap disc abrasives and coated flap wheel abrasives are all available, along with parts and accessories to ensure that each piece is working at its best.

Non-Woven Options

While abrasives are helpful for sharpening metal, sanding down a rough surface, cutting through hard materials and much more, they can easily cause scratches, scrapes and other unintentional damages. Non-woven abrasives are characterized by their extremely fine grains, which are embedded in non-woven fabrics for a fine finish. Steel wool is a common example, used to clean pots, pans and other commonly used metal surfaces. Whether looking for non-woven belt abrasives, non-woven disc abrasives, non-woven pad abrasives, non-woven roll abrasives or non-woven sponge abrasives, there is a multitude of options to choose from, including compatible parts and accessories for expanding options of convenience and compatibility.

Brush-Style Abrasives

Delivering both hand-operated and wheel-based options, wire brush abrasives can be found in cup brushes, disc brushes, end brushes, scratch brushes, tube brushes or wheel brushes, depending on the nature of your abrasion needs within the workplace. 


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