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Tools for Installing, Measuring, Marking and More

Whether building an addition, marking off key areas or handling large amounts of materials, there is a variety of tools and equipment needed to maintain all aspects of the workplace. Power tools, electrical tools, hand tools, welding supplies and tools for measuring, marking and leveling are essential, providing employees with the equipment needed to tackle tough jobs. Different shapes, sizes and designs of fasteners, clamps and straps are ideal for securing pieces of equipment, making small adjustments and holding important items in place for daily use.

Finishing Touches to the Workplace

Create just the lighting with color-coordinated walls, décor, accessories and supplies, while ensuring that everything is running smoothly, with chemicals, lubricants, paints, display units and tools for electrical and lighting projects. Adhesives can be kept on-hand to tape, seal, stick and weld, while different abrasives, including wire, non-woven and bonded options accommodate different buffing, rubbing and polishing needs.

Plumbing, Janitorial and Food Maintenance

Businesses often have several different spaces that are frequently visited, like an office area, lounge, storage closet and much more. Secretaries, writers, supervisors and other individuals can utilize commercial-grade office supplies, and food service supplies provides break rooms, cafeterias and kitchens with plates, napkins, utensils and much more.  Other tools and pieces of equipment, such as those for janitorial and plumbing, allow workers to keep every aspect of the company running smoothly and professionally. 

Promoting a Safe Working Environment

When considering the wide variety of occupations available in today’s society, it’s important to understand each and every need. An assortment of safety and security supplies helps prepare for unexpected occurrences within the workplace, providing tools for traffic concerns, spills, fires and falls, with first aid products to handle small concerns. With goggles, respiratory protection and secure matting, every daily task can be completed safely and properly. For specific jobs, oilfield, MRO, and HVAC supplies equip each work site with the right tools and accessories to efficiently get the job done. 


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